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Best Laptop for College Students in 2017 Buying Guide

Being a student of several years myself, and having used a laptop every day in my classes and for working, I can say that, in my opinion, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is the best laptop for college students.

1 – The laptop with the best quality/price ratio

The laptop with the best ratio of quality to price is the Toshiba Chromebook 2.

Its IPS Full HD display is excellent, its battery easily holds a charge for 6 to 8 hours, its light – 1.3 kg – weight makes it very easy to transport, and it it powerful enough to take notes in class and surf the web without any difficulty.


The display on the Toshiba Chromebook 2 measures 13.3 inches, which makes it highly mobile while remaining large enough to be comfortable for working at. It offers very decent sound and its refined design makes it stylish.

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How to Sit Properly at a Computer to Avoid Neck Pain?

Recent studies conducted by the World Health Organization and the Archives of Internal Medicine have suggested that workers who spend a long time seated – 8 to 11 hours a day – have a 40% higher risk of succumbing to sudden death or suffering from disease as compared to people who remain seated for shorter periods of time. While it can be hard to avoid being seated in certain environments such as in your workplace, you can remain in good health by learning how to sit properly.

Part 1, Adopt a good postureSit at a Computer

1, Push your hips as far back as possible onto the seat. On office chairs, the best way of sitting is to allow the seat-back to support your back and shoulders by moving your pelvis as far back as possible on the seat, and by taking advantage of all of the seat’s adjustments in order to achieve maximum support.

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Guide: What power supply do the most important graphics cards need?

The world of graphics cards is quite complicated, not only because each one has its own set of features, but also because in many cases there are models that seem similar, such as the RX 460 and the RX 470, for example. However, both models’ performances and power requirements are different.

In many cases, customers are misguided by the watts and power connectors that the manufacturer asks for without taking into account another very important element: the amperage required by the 12V rail of the graphics card you are going to buy.

This can lead to very different consequences. On the one hand, we could end up buying a bigger power supply than the one required by the PC that we are building. Although it will allow us to use it without any problem, it would be an unnecessary expense.

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Acer Aspire VX5-591G-75RM Gaming Laptop Review

The difficulty in finding a pocket friendly gaming laptop is why we are writing this review, to help ease the stress of as many lovers of gaming laptop as possible in choosing an affordable one. Here we present to you the new, high performance, enticing and within budget laptop the ACER aspire VX5-591G-75RM for interesting gamers. This review as you will find out, halsens to give solution to the above stated difficulty.

ACCER Aspire VX5-591G-75RM

In the past there have been quite a number of high performance gaming laptop from ACER with most of them in competition and comparison with the best out there. And most importantly affordable and pocket friendly that you don’t have to break the bank to get one. Selling at $999.9 at Amazon the Acer aspire VX5-591G-75RM has almost everything desired in a budget midrange gaming laptop. Braging top speeds, high quality graphics performance and fair battery life, all making it a cool buy for its price.

Possesses a good overall specifications for its price, quite affordable, has a solid GPU, with the latest Intel 7th Generation Kaby-Lake Core i7 processor, latest NVidia GTX 1050Ti w/ 4GB of VRAM, 16GB of ultra-fast DDR4 RAM at 2400 MHz, Anti-Reflective IPS display, Premium sound system, Suitable cooling system, devoted gaming-grade backlit keyboard, Decent full HD gaming

Quite heavy and bulky for a gaming laptop, minimal port selection, Nvidia G-sync not supported, has a vacant 2.5″ drive Bay but without bracket and screws needed to install a secondary drive.


The downside of this wonderful gaming laptop is its size. Quite massive, perhaps one of the bulkiest gaming device around, with the weight around 5.6 pounds but looking a lot heavier.

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Acer VX5-591G-5652 Review – Fast, Responsive and Cool

The last time we reviewed an MSI laptop for entry-level gaming one thing was abundantly clear – Gaming on laptops are catching up with the desktop market. Acer, with this terribly long named VX5-591G-5652, is yet another competitor for budget conscious gamers. The price quoted on Newegg is $800. At the time of this writing, the product is listed on Amazon but with no price, suggesting that it is currently out of stock.

Keeping aside the pricing issues, there are a few interesting decisions made by Acer which differentiates this from its competitors. Let’s dig deeper into its performance and who would really benefit from this product.

ACER VX5-591G-5652

Hardware Specifications

For CPU, we have an i5-7300HQ, which is clocked at 2.50GHz and can turbo up to 3.50GHz and has 4-cores/4-threads with no hyper-threading and 6M of cache. This particular CPU is gaining popularity among OEMs owing to its good performance manageable heat output.

For main memory, 8GB of DDR4 SDRAM is what we see. It is nothing special but if you wish to upgrade, installing another 8GB stick is super easy. The next in our memory hierarchy is a 256GB M.2 SSD which makes a world of difference by eliminating the HDD bottleneck. All in all, the laptop would stay snappy and responsive even with multiple applications open.

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Asus C300SA Chromebook Review


  • Thin and light-weight
  • Very low price
  • Excellent keyboard and trackpad
  • Very long-life battery


  • Restricted display viewing angle
  • Mediocre quality speakers

What is the Asus Chromebook C300?

Situated at the lowest point on the scale of entry-level models, the C300 is being billed as an ultra affordable laptop which doesn’t sacrifice too much performance in order make itself so affordable.

Asus C300SA-FN005

With this portable PC, Asus is looking to offer basic users a complete solution at a price that can’t be found anywhere else. In order to do so, the manufacturer had to make some difficult choices in terms of the computer’s display and sound capabilities.

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HP Omen 17 4K VR Laptop Review (NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB, Intel i7-7700HQ, 512SSD)

The new gaming laptop from HP’s OMEN series have been updated and improved again. In the OMEN 17, newest components are guaranteeing maximum gaming fun. HP is now utilizing newest generation Intel processors, the newest Nvidia chips with the new Pascal-architecture, and a faster M.2 module. RAM-wise, you’ll be getting DDR4 modules. Displaying the content is handled by the 17,3” 4K display. If that’s not enough you can add external 4k monitors via DisplayPort. Even with a setup like that the combination of fast processor and top-of-the-line graphics guarantee good frame rates.

HP Omen 17 4K VR Laptop


The new HP gaming-notebook comes with a 17,3” 4K display that, thanks to the matte finish, has almost no glare whatsoever. IPS technology meanwhile guarantees great viewing angles. The average brightness of the panel is a decent 305 cd/m2. In the center of the upper bezel you’ll find the HP Wide Vision HD-webcam alongside its digital Dual-Array microphone.

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How to create or delete an administrator user account in Windows 10

As we know, the Microsoft operating system allows for the possibility of having two profiles or user accounts, the standard account and the administrator account. If we have administrator user permissions, we will be able to do and undo practically whatever we want in the system, while the standard user accounts have certain restrictions in installing and uninstalling software or changing some system settings.

We can create new user accounts in Windows 10 on the new configuration page as well as on the classic Control Panel, but the fact is that by default these accounts are created as a standard user. So, let’s show below how to create a new user manager account in Windows 10 as well as how to delete it if necessary.

Creating a new administrator user account in Windows 10

To create another user account in our system, the first thing we have to do is go to the Windows 10 configuration page from the Start menu and then select the gear icon that appears on the left side. Once there, click on the Accounts option and then select the menu option on the left, Family and other people.

Windows 10 account

Windows 10 account

Just choose this option, then in the right side of the window we will see the option to add a family member, whether adult or minor and to create an account for other people. Anyway, click on the Add Family button or Add Another Person and fill in the data requested by the process.

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How to open Chrome or Firefox tabs in pop-up windows?

Web browsers are the most used tools today for the desktop, since they are essential to surf the Internet, which is what we do for most of the hours that we are sitting in front of the computer. It’s common that after a while surfing the Internet we end up with a lot of tabs open in the browser. The truth is that we can also open new windows with each site but if it’s already difficult to move through all the tabs of the same window, things become even more complicated when we also have several windows open browser.

This process is very uncomfortable and very slow, so let’s show below how we can open tabs in a popup window and then re-add them as a tab in the browser very quickly and easily in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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How a Power Supply Works and Why It’s so Important

Many times we have talked about the power supply as the heart of the computer, how important it is that these are good quality. But have you ever wondered exactly how a computer’s power supply works? And, why is it so important that it does its job well? In this article we will explain in detail (Note: this article is technical and extensive, and is for those who like me are curious about the inner workings of things).

Power Supply

First of all, I have to say that in this article I’ll try to use vocabulary and terms that everyone understands, because although it may be easy for a person who has studied electronics, it may be very difficult for someone who isn’t as technical. I will try to speak in a balance of technical and comprehensible lingo, but keep in mind that we are talking about electronics after all and that, therefore, technical terms of this matter must inevitably be introduced. That said, let’s go.

How Power Supplies Work

The most essential function of a PC power supply is to convert AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current). Old power supplies converted alternating current into multiple DC voltages (+ 12V, + 5V, + 3.3V) simultaneously. In contrast, modern power supplies convert all AC power into + 12VDC, and once converted, other DC-DC converters convert the + 12V + + and + 3.3V, everything that our equipment needs. This last technique is more efficient because the voltages that are less used (the + 5V and + 3.3V) and are not converted if they are not needed, in fact converting from DC to DC is much more efficient than from AC to DC since it requires less electronic components that are smaller in size.

Power Supply

Once we have the voltage (remember that the voltage is the electric voltage, while the amperage is the intensity, not to confuse the terms) converted to direct current, it is filtered through inductors and capacitors. This is where two parameters come into play: voltage regulation, to ensure that it is stable, and electrical noise, because a higher noise results in more damage caused in the components as a result of heat. Let’s explain this.

Electrical noise and how it is filtered

PC power supplies use a switching technology to convert AC power to DC. Whether the rectifier is on or off, DC pulses are generated at a rate set by the AC input, which in the case of Spain is 50 Hz (this is important because this depends on the country, in Mexico it’s 60 Hz for example). This is called noise.

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How Much Does It Cost to Play in 4K on a PC?

To be able to play on your PC in 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, you will need to choose good components, ones adapted to this high- performance requirement task.

We will be looking at graphics cards, processors, but also at displays.

At the end, we will break out the calculator to tally the prices!

What graphics card should you choose for playing in 4K?

There are not many graphics cards which will allow you to play in 4K with good results. Here is an assessment of the situation:

  • The entry level card for playing in 4K would be the GTX 1070, available for around 500€. However, we do not recommend it for playing in 4K since it will struggle to go beyond 40 FPS in Ultra / High modes.
    Except in the case of a GTX 1070 SLI configuration, the GTX 1070 is not the card you should buy if you are looking to play in 4K. In fact, the GTX 1070 is much better suited for playing in 2K.
  • Next in line is the Geforce GTX 1080 (without SLI) which costs between 600 and 800€. At the moment, it seems to be the only viable solution for reaching 3840×2160 resolution with maximum detail.
    However, you should not expect to be able to run at more than 50 / 55 FPS in Ultra mode in very heavy AAA games. We are fast arriving at the conclusion that one graphics card is just not enough to be able to comfortably play in 4K resolution.
  • A GTX 1070 SLI configuration (budget requirement of around 1 000€), will give you more power than a single GTX 1080, allowing for a frame rate of around 60 to 70 FPS in Ultra 4K in games with even the greatest resource requirements.
  • You will have understood by now that the performance of even a single GTX 1080 is already quite good. However, putting two GTX 1080 cards together is even better! (it will cost you around 1,300$). With this configuration, you will be able to play at more than 90 FPS in Ultra mode with many AAA games.
    Just for fun you could even try reaching 5K resolution!

graphics card

Budget – graphics card:

  • Minimum: GTX 1080 = 500/650$ (competition between brands)
  • Recommended: SLI GTX 1080 = 1000/1300$

What processor should you buy for playing in 4K?

CPUIntel will launch, in January 2017, its 7th generation of processors (Kaby Lake) which will be tasked with democratizing 4K UHD. But, until then, what processor should you choose?

In order to avoid the “Limited CPU” phenomenon which occurs between the CPU and GPU, the necessity of moving towards a powerful Intel Core i7 type processor seems obvious.
4K resolution requires that the CPU perform intense calculations, something which the Intel i5 processors are just not cut-out to do.

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