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The Best Gaming Laptop of 2018 Recommendation and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a laptop for gaming that suits your budget? Our special laptop buyer’s guide will help you make up your mind.

First off, we will list and explain the different “choice criteria” before then proposing the best models of laptops currently available on the market.

The Possibilities of Upgrading a Laptop:

Let’s start from the end, since this is information you should keep in mind when making your selection.

What will happen when your laptop starts to have difficulty running games?
You should be aware that contrary to desktop PCs, the possibilities of upgrading (changing components) a laptop are very limited.
To simplify things, there are only 3 possible upgrades you can make:

  • Adding more RAM
  • Adding an SSD
  • Changing the hard drive

If you were paying attention, you will have realized that it is not possible to change the laptop’s graphics card!


When buying your computer, your priority should therefore be on obtaining the most powerful graphics chipset available, or else you run the risk of being left behind in very short order with the release of the next generation of even more resource dependent games.

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Doing more with a Chromebook – How to installing Linux OS on Chromebook

Preface: This article is part of a series of articles which aim to show that it is possible to easily break away from traditional PCs by using a Chromebook and installing another OS on it, such as Linux.

ChromeOS is often criticized for how restrictive it is and for its lack of useful applications. The possibility of being able to install Android applications on Chromebooks is by now a well-worn subject, and outside of the few very specialized office and multimedia programs which are available for ChromeOS, there are not many available applications for doing the other things that the majority of portable PCs are easily capable of doing.

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Windows Defender Security Center. Does the non-native antivirus have a future?

Windows Defender Security Center is the new version of the native security application currently being tested that Microsoft will include in the next version of Windows 10 Creators Update, after the improvements in it’s capacity, features and interface that are occurring with each compilation.

When testing antivirus for Windows 10 Creators Update it’s in our interest to include Windows Defender because it’s in this version of the system where the Windows Defender Security Center began to operate , the new version of the native security solution not only provides anti-virus protection and anti-malware in real time as did their predecessors (Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7) , but it’s also an integrated Security Center for other functions, such as the review of the updates installed by Windows Update or drivers, information about the connections of network, the active Windows Firewall configuration or access to the troubleshooting tool.

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