6 ways to save money if you’re going to assemble a PC by parts

We have talked long and hard about the advantages of assembling a PC by pieces, and especially if you’re going to use it for gaming. In addition to saving money, you can choose the components that you want to mount in your computer, and also be sure that these are of good quality. The problem is, that if we want powerful components, the budget can stretch a little. Especially if our goal is to get a gaming computer for 500 dollars. So, we are going to give 6 tips for saving money when building a PC without losing benefits.

Make a spreadsheet in Excel

If you have opted for a particlar processor, analyze performance comparisons on it to see if it is the right processor for your needs, or if it’s better to opt for a cheaper processor and invest that money in a better graphics card.


You can also see what computers people have made with the components you have chosen in PCPartPicker, and so 100% ensure that, for example, the graphic cards fits in the case. Even if you want to choose the parts to mount the PC, the web will warn you if there is any incompatibility between them, such as choosing a motherboard for a different socket to the processer you want or a heatsink for the wrong CPU. There are also computers recommended for various prices so you can have them as a reference.

In addition, you can note the price variations for the components you have chosen in Excel, and so automatically compare the price differences, this being a very practical and comfortable way to organize the building of your new PC.

Reuse parts that you already have and sell the ones you don’t use

If you already have a PC and you’re not going to use it after buying the new one, it is possible that you can take out the components to reuse them, such as hard discs, fans, or even the case itself. The rest of the components can be sold in second-hand stores to get some extra money, as there are people who look for parts to repair old computers or to assemble them by finding different pieces at low prices.

Compare prices and stores

If you’re going to choose a store to assemble your computer, you will probably have to buy most of the parts there in order for them to build it for you. However, there are shops that have products with different prices, and if you choose to build your PC by parts, you could save some cash by buying in different stores. Once again, organizing the products from different stores in Excel and comparing prices is a great option.


You don’t have to buy it all at once

You may want to buy a processor because it’s on sale, but other parts such as RAM and the SSDs are more expensive (as has happened in the past two months). You can buy the pieces little by little until you have the computer that you want. You can even build it without a graphics card and use the one that comes included with the processor until you find an interesting offer on a graphics card or the model you want is released.

You can save a lot by buying second-hand

There are components such as processors, heatsinks, fans, RAM or cases that you can buy and be pretty sure that they will not break down, as they are the most durable parts of the computer. With graphics cards you have to be more careful as they fail more, but like the processor, if they have not been overclocked,and you test them and they work, they probably won’t be much problem.

You have to be more wary with the motherboards, especially those sold loose, as they may have a broken pin that will make them useless. The same applies to power supplies, which tend to fail over time. You also need to be wary of storage units, since if one has been operating for many years it is more likely to break down, or in the case of SSDs, can have been overwritten many times. You can check this with CrystalDiskInfo, as we explained a few months ago. The best thing,as always, is to test the parts.

Save money on software

An original Windows 10 license costs 100 dollars. Luckily, there are those who sell product keys purchased wholesale and resold at lower prices, allowing for original and perfectly functional key to be found for 30 dollars. You could also try out some Linux distro like Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

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