Acer VX5-591G-5652 Review – Fast, Responsive and Cool

The last time we reviewed an MSI laptop for entry-level gaming one thing was abundantly clear – Gaming on laptops are catching up with the desktop market. Acer, with this terribly long named VX5-591G-5652, is yet another competitor for budget conscious gamers. The price quoted on Newegg is $800. At the time of this writing, the product is listed on Amazon but with no price, suggesting that it is currently out of stock.

Keeping aside the pricing issues, there are a few interesting decisions made by Acer which differentiates this from its competitors. Let’s dig deeper into its performance and who would really benefit from this product.

ACER VX5-591G-5652

Hardware Specifications

For CPU, we have an i5-7300HQ, which is clocked at 2.50GHz and can turbo up to 3.50GHz and has 4-cores/4-threads with no hyper-threading and 6M of cache. This particular CPU is gaining popularity among OEMs owing to its good performance manageable heat output.

For main memory, 8GB of DDR4 SDRAM is what we see. It is nothing special but if you wish to upgrade, installing another 8GB stick is super easy. The next in our memory hierarchy is a 256GB M.2 SSD which makes a world of difference by eliminating the HDD bottleneck. All in all, the laptop would stay snappy and responsive even with multiple applications open.

Coming to the most important factor that is the GPU, which in our case is a GTX 1050 with 4GB of GDDR5 memory which can play most titles from medium to high settings at 1080p resolution. Sure, it would have been nice if Acer provided a 1050Ti instead, but at this price point there’s little room for improvements.

The display is a 15.6” IPS panel with 1920 by 1080 resolution. Both the viewing angles and the colour gamut could have been better. For a laptop display however this will get the job done.

Performance and Cooling

Acer has done a decent job in ensuring that you get the most out of the hardware. There are two bulky heat pipes and a couple of cooling fans to avoid any kind of thermal throttling. The regions near keyboard also stay comfortably cool so you don’t have any discomfort while gaming or typing.

The CPU is advertised as something that can support 4K but don’t expect it to do exceedingly well on that frontier. Although Kaby Lake has been optimized the 4K media streaming, the fact remains that this is still a laptop CPU and is fit for 1080p or 1440p at best especially if you are using open source solutions for decoding. Editing 1080p videos is also manageable on this system and its IPS panel is slightly more advantageous than a TN panel in terms of colour reproduction, obviously.

The frames per second for most games is comfortably above the 60FPS mark at 1080p resolution, at medium to high settings. The more demanding games such as Witcher 3 may require you to dial down the settings a little lower. Fast paced FPS games like Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are easily handled, making it perfect for LAN parties and other gaming events. However, the IPS panel does add a little overhead to the response time which a professional esports player might find annoying but for casual gamers this will be not an issue.

Connectivity and Battery performance

For connectivity we have all the usual suspects like the SD Card slot, input and output combo audio jack, one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, single USB Type-C gen1, HDMI and an Ethernet port. Sadly, there’s no thunderbolt interface. Wireless connections again cover the whole nine yards with 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 4.1

ACER VX5-591G-5652

The battery back-up can support up to 4 hours of lightweight use which is not bad considering that this is a gaming laptop.

Design, Portability and User Experience

We gamers are often accused of being a show-off. “But what’s wrong with being a show-off!” Acer says! The hard plastic body of the laptop has a consistent red-accents-on-black theme. The lid has brushed metallic finish making sure that people never misunderstand it as a business laptop.

ACER VX5-591G-5652

The keyboard is backlit and, being consistent with the red-on-black theme, has red LEDs to light it up. The key spacing is good enough for comfortable typing and gaming. However, it is just a chiclet keyboard that basically gets the job done.

The laptop weighs 2.6kg, has a gorgeous 15.6” FHD IPS panel and an M.2 SSD for storage making it the perfect gaming solution for portable devices. It is snappy, it stays cool and can play games at medium to high setting so there’s nothing one could really complain about.

Should you buy this?

The gaming laptops at the $800 price point have each of their own flaws. The MSI GL62M 7RE, at a similar price tag, offers a better GPU which is the GTX 1050Ti but for display it has a TN panel which a little disappointing compared to the IPS display that Acer provides. Go with the Acer VX5-591G-5652 if you prefer a better display.

Moreover, this product is listed on Acer’s website at $1200 which is clearly way overpriced. The usual retail price, however, is $800 on Newegg which is definitely worth considering and even if you can’t find a better deal on a sale it will definitely be a good bang for your buck.

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