Best Cheap Laptop under 300 dollars 2017 (Chromebook and Windws Laptop)

After spending dozens of hours testing numerous models, I have concluded that the Asus C300 is the best inexpensive laptop.

1 – Acer Chromebook 14: Obtaining elegance and performance without going broke

If you are looking for a laptop which is not just fast but also well-built and with a great aesthetic design, the Acer Chromebook was certainly made for you.

Acer Chromebook 14

With its entirely aluminum case and sleek design, this laptop is really easy on the eyes.

And the best thing about it is that not all the attention was paid to its design. It is fast and well-built. The Acer 14 also has a battery which can provide up to 12 hours of charge.

Its keyboard and track pad are also of a high-quality design and allow you to type and surf the web with ease. The cherry on top is its beautiful Full HD IPS display which provides a level of brilliance which makes watching videos or reading articles a real pleasure.

2 – Acer Chromebook 15 CB5-571-C09S: A large display for a low price

If you are a fan of laptops with large displays, you are probably going to like the Acer Chromebook 15.

Acer Chromebook 15

With its highly standard characteristics, this laptop is the very incarnation of sobriety and simplicity. It did not want to take the risk of trying to excel and not succeeding, as a result it is not an exceptional computer, but it is not lacking anything important either.

Equipped with an Intel Celeron, 4 GB of RAM and an 32GB SSD hard drive, it allows for a very fast web surfing experience, and its large (1366 x 786 pixel) display offers visual comfort at an affordable price.

It provides 9 hours of battery life and its very reasonable weight of 2.2 kg makes it easy to transport despite its 15 inches.

It also has very good connectivity, thanks to its dual band AC modem which allows it to connect to WiFi signals at a distance and to draw as much bandwidth from them as possible.

3 –ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02: An excellent quality to price ratio

The C202SA produced by the American manufacturer Asus, offers a very good quality to price ratio at the present time.

ASUS Chromebook C202SA

Booting in just a few seconds, the Asus C202SA offers great web surfing speed. It’s keyboard is comfortable to use and its track pad works very well. Going from one internet page to another is very fast thanks to its 4 GB of RAM.

It is very light-weight, which makes it especially practical for being transported. Its enormous, 10 hour, battery life allows it to be used for a very long time – which means that you won’t need to bring your charger with you everywhere you go.

Its display offers a decent image, but not a spectacular one. In terms of audio, the C300 can reach an impressive volume level, which makes it practical for watching YouTube videos or movies.  

How to Choose an Inexpensive Laptop?

The main difficulty people encounter when choosing an cheap laptop is finding a decent quality model that sells for a reasonable price.

It is a fact that in order to lower the price of their laptops, manufacturers will need to make sacrifices somewhere along the line. Less processing power, a smaller display, and inferior build quality are three areas in which manufacturers tend to compromise in order to lower their costs.

To avoid choosing a poor quality model, here are 5 things you should be attentive to when making your selection.


The laptop’s display is one aspect which is commonly compromised on in order to lower the product’s price.

Nevertheless, a good display size and quality are indispensable to being able to use your computer comfortably.

An inexpensive laptop does not necessarily need to have the best display in the world, but it should be of a sufficient quality to allow the user to properly use their computer.

This is why the minimum recommended display size is 13 inches and the minimum recommended resolution is HD (1366 x 768 pixels). Moreover, the display should provide sufficient luminosity for being able to read text even in direct sunlight.

When choosing your laptop, do not underestimate the importance of the display. You will probably spend hundreds if not thousands of hours watching videos and reading articles on it, it is therefore very important that you feel comfortable using it.


Another common aspect which is often sacrificed by manufacturers is the computer’s processing power, which has a direct impact on the speed at which you will be able to perform tasks on your laptop. Unfortunately, this is the reason why many inexpensive laptops are very slow.

This slowness is not only felt when surfing the internet. Booting up, loading applications and all other common tasks run the risk of being painfully slow if you make the wrong choice when selecting your laptop.

What’s more, slow computers have a tendency to age very poorly. The more time passes, the more demanding and slower to load applications and websites become, and all the while your computer does not get any better with age.

When choosing your computer, don’t just ask whether it is powerful enough for your needs today. Ask yourself how it will perform in three or four years, and whether it will still be powerful enough to allow for a comfortable usage by then.


By buying an inexpensive laptop, you are looking to save some money.

In doing so, it would be a real shame that due to poor build-quality your computer only lasts you one or two years, forcing you to buy another one and to spend more than you would have by buying something a little better the first time around.

This is the reason why the computer’s build-quality is an important consideration. Build-quality does not only refer to the quality of the individual components used, but also to the resistance of the computer to impacts.

If you are like me, you always try to look after your things, but it is sometimes inevitable that you will bang your computer due to inattention. When I move from one place to another, I carry my computer in my backpack and sometimes it does get jostled around.

For me, it is quite important that my laptop be tough and not risk breaking at the  slightest shock or the slightest damage.

It is also preferable for a laptop to have the fewest number of moving parts possible – like fans for instance. Laptop fans are known to cause many problems over time since they tend to get clogged with dust, causing the computer to malfunction and loose performance.

To avoid regretting your purchase in the event that your laptop should break or malfunction a short time after buying it, be sure to choose a durable model.

Keyboard and track pad

Just as a good display is important for properly viewing your computer’s output, a good keyboard and track pad are equally important for being able to input information with ease.

Indeed, you will probably spend hundreds of hours typing on your computer’s keyboard. It is therefore necessary that it be of good quality and that it be comfortable to use, without which you will probably be frustrated every time you have to write a long email or type a document.

The other means of data entry which is often overlooked is the track pad. Unfortunately, many laptops come equipped with terrible track pads, this is the reason why almost everyone uses an external mouse to properly navigate their laptop.

However, the whole point of a laptop is its mobility: the fact that you can take it with anywhere and start working on it in a matter of seconds!

And the need to always complete your laptop’s functionality by using an external mouse negates this precious advantage by forcing you to carry around extra devices.

Even if it can be expected that an inexpensive laptop will not have the best keyboard or track pad in the world, make sure to choose a model with a decent quality keyboard and track pad in order to avoid undue frustration.


Batteries are definitely something manufacturers love to skimp on in order to reduce the overall cost of the computer.

Even if battery prices have been falling everywhere in the world, it is still one of a laptop’s most most expensive elements, and it is tempting for manufacturers to choose cheaper models in order to reduce the price of their products.

As I said a few sentences ago, the whole point of a laptop is its mobility.

If mobility is not an important consideration – since you intend on using you computer almost always in one location, and connected to the mains power – a shorter battery life will not be a serious problem for you.

If on the other hand you would like to take your laptop everywhere with you, on public transportation, to work, to school, to a friend’s place, then battery life should be a serious consideration for you when choosing a laptop.

9 Proofs that Chromebooks are the Perfect Inexpensive Laptops

Chromebooks are laptops which run the Chrome operating system and not the Windows operating system like the majority of personal computers.

First making their appearance in 2011, Chromebooks are quickly becoming ever more popular throughout the world due to their unbeatable quality to price ratio and their extreme simplicity.

Here are the 9 unique advantages which make Chromebooks ideal inexpensive laptops.


As I said before, their price is what makes Chromebooks so attractive. They are extremely inexpensive compared to their Windows counterparts, among other reasons because Chrome OS is a free operating system whereas Windows is expensive to purchase.

Moreover, Chromebooks were literally created to solve several problems confronting inexpensive laptops.

Google, the company that created Chromebooks, found most entry-level laptops to be extremely slow and of very poor build-quality.

This slowness and mediocrity was causing many people a lot of frustration since their computers were painfully slow, making them practically unusable.

Therefore, Google decided to create Chromebooks, laptops which are simple, fast and inexpensive and which everyone can use without the least bit of frustration.

As a consequence, it is possible to find Chromebooks on Amazon for less than 300€ which are better than most of the Windows PCs retailing for 500€.


Whereas most inexpensive laptops are slow and take a long time to boot up, Chromebooks stand out due to their impressive speed.

In fact, the Chrome OS is highly optimized to allow for a very fast and enjoyable web surfing experience.

What’s more, Chromebooks only take a few seconds to boot up and coming out of sleep mode is a nearly instantaneous process.


As I explained before, a laptop’s durability is a very important factor, one which will keep you from regretting your purchase after only a short while in the case that your computer should break or stop working properly.

The advantage, where Chromebooks are concerned, is that manufacturers are obliged to respect the guidelines set by Google in order to guarantee that their clients will be receiving a well built product.

As a result, the vast majority of Chromebooks have a very good display, a comfortable keyboard and a high-quality track-pad.

In my case, I am sometimes a little careless with my Chromebook, and it has never broken or stopped working properly, even after having received more than one serious impact.

Battery life

Once more, thanks to the optimization provided by the Chrome OS, Chromebooks are able to reach battery lives which are simply unreachable with Windows PCs.

It is not uncommon for a Chromebook to be able to last 6, 8, 10, or even 12 hours without needing to be recharged. And with lighter usage, it may not even be necessary for you to recharge your computer every day.

Care and maintenance

A common problem with inexpensive portable computers is that after only a year or two they start to slow down and take a long time to load web pages or applications.

As surprising as it may seem, this is the opposite of what happens with Chromebooks. The more time passes, the better your computer performs.

This can be easily explained by the fact that Chromebooks are automatically updated every six weeks. During these updates – which install themselves without you having to intervene – your computer receives the latest performance improvements and optimizations which Google has developed.

In my case, I have been using my Chromebook for over a year now. Over time, and with the successive upgrades, I have witnessed it gain in performance and functionality, and now it is more powerful than at the time that I bought it.


Since it has such a long battery life, it is much less stressful traveling with a Chromebook. What’s more, Chromebooks are usually very light-weight and can be easily carried in a carrying case or backpack.

Add to all that their good quality track pad which allows for easy use of the computer without the need for an external mouse, as well as the fact that they are shock resistant, and it is no wonder that Chromebooks are considered the ideal portable computer when it comes to mobility.


The speed with which Chromebooks are able to surf the web makes them very good tools for increasing productivity.

By using a Chromebook’s web-based applications such as Google Docs, Google Slides or Google Sheets, you will be able to write text documents and create presentations or spreadsheets easily and for free.

The Chromebook’s superior keyboard allows for fast typing, and the track pad, with its highly practical gestures, makes navigating the internet a very fluid experience.


Simplicity is one of the key concepts behind Chromebooks; it is also one of its major advantages over other types of portable computers.

Updates are done automatically, there are no complicated parameters to be adjusted as there are on the Windows platform, there are no strange programs asking for permission to load, it is just a simple and easy to use computer– the way it should be.


Lastly, Chromebooks have the major advantage of being highly secure. There is absolutely no need to install an antivirus since Chrome OS comes equipped with an impenetrable firewall.

Moreover, since Chromebooks are updated automatically every six weeks, these updates incorporate the newest technologies in the field of security.

With a Chromebook, there is no risk of installing a virus by mistake, which might wipe out your computer’s memory.

I hope that this article on the best inexpensive portable computers has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section. It would be my please to answer them.

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