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Doing more with a Chromebook – How to installing Linux OS on Chromebook

Preface: This article is part of a series of articles which aim to show that it is possible to easily break away from traditional PCs by using a Chromebook and installing another OS on it, such as Linux.

ChromeOS is often criticized for how restrictive it is and for its lack of useful applications. The possibility of being able to install Android applications on Chromebooks is by now a well-worn subject, and outside of the few very specialized office and multimedia programs which are available for ChromeOS, there are not many available applications for doing the other things that the majority of portable PCs are easily capable of doing.

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Complete guide to remove malware/ransomware from your PC

The recent ransomware cyberattack using the WannaCry Trojan, which has affected over 300,000 computers in 150 countries, has highlighted the security threat problem existing in the mobile era where there are thousands of millions interconnected devices and policies such as BYOD that increase the number of vulnerable devices on corporate networks.

Viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious software are on the prowl for PCs and networks. The arrival of all kinds of malware for all platforms, data theft, cyber spying or privacy intrusion are increasing in the global Internet, forcing users and companies to take proactive measures in order to control them. Even forcing manufacturers such as HP, which makes security its priority when designing its devices.

Despite this, and although prevention is the first and main line of defense, it is not always possible to stay safe from infections. Any user might have had problems with malware on some occasion, even if they were not alerted by a security software.

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How to Sit Properly at a Computer to Avoid Neck Pain?

Recent studies conducted by the World Health Organization and the Archives of Internal Medicine have suggested that workers who spend a long time seated – 8 to 11 hours a day – have a 40% higher risk of succumbing to sudden death or suffering from disease as compared to people who remain seated for shorter periods of time. While it can be hard to avoid being seated in certain environments such as in your workplace, you can remain in good health by learning how to sit properly.

Part 1, Adopt a good postureSit at a Computer

1, Push your hips as far back as possible onto the seat. On office chairs, the best way of sitting is to allow the seat-back to support your back and shoulders by moving your pelvis as far back as possible on the seat, and by taking advantage of all of the seat’s adjustments in order to achieve maximum support.

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Guide: What power supply do the most important graphics cards need?

The world of graphics cards is quite complicated, not only because each one has its own set of features, but also because in many cases there are models that seem similar, such as the RX 460 and the RX 470, for example. However, both models’ performances and power requirements are different.

In many cases, customers are misguided by the watts and power connectors that the manufacturer asks for without taking into account another very important element: the amperage required by the 12V rail of the graphics card you are going to buy.

This can lead to very different consequences. On the one hand, we could end up buying a bigger power supply than the one required by the PC that we are building. Although it will allow us to use it without any problem, it would be an unnecessary expense.

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How to create or delete an administrator user account in Windows 10

As we know, the Microsoft operating system allows for the possibility of having two profiles or user accounts, the standard account and the administrator account. If we have administrator user permissions, we will be able to do and undo practically whatever we want in the system, while the standard user accounts have certain restrictions in installing and uninstalling software or changing some system settings.

We can create new user accounts in Windows 10 on the new configuration page as well as on the classic Control Panel, but the fact is that by default these accounts are created as a standard user. So, let’s show below how to create a new user manager account in Windows 10 as well as how to delete it if necessary.

Creating a new administrator user account in Windows 10

To create another user account in our system, the first thing we have to do is go to the Windows 10 configuration page from the Start menu and then select the gear icon that appears on the left side. Once there, click on the Accounts option and then select the menu option on the left, Family and other people.

Windows 10 account

Windows 10 account

Just choose this option, then in the right side of the window we will see the option to add a family member, whether adult or minor and to create an account for other people. Anyway, click on the Add Family button or Add Another Person and fill in the data requested by the process.

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How to open Chrome or Firefox tabs in pop-up windows?

Web browsers are the most used tools today for the desktop, since they are essential to surf the Internet, which is what we do for most of the hours that we are sitting in front of the computer. It’s common that after a while surfing the Internet we end up with a lot of tabs open in the browser. The truth is that we can also open new windows with each site but if it’s already difficult to move through all the tabs of the same window, things become even more complicated when we also have several windows open browser.

This process is very uncomfortable and very slow, so let’s show below how we can open tabs in a popup window and then re-add them as a tab in the browser very quickly and easily in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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How a Power Supply Works and Why It’s so Important

Many times we have talked about the power supply as the heart of the computer, how important it is that these are good quality. But have you ever wondered exactly how a computer’s power supply works? And, why is it so important that it does its job well? In this article we will explain in detail (Note: this article is technical and extensive, and is for those who like me are curious about the inner workings of things).

Power Supply

First of all, I have to say that in this article I’ll try to use vocabulary and terms that everyone understands, because although it may be easy for a person who has studied electronics, it may be very difficult for someone who isn’t as technical. I will try to speak in a balance of technical and comprehensible lingo, but keep in mind that we are talking about electronics after all and that, therefore, technical terms of this matter must inevitably be introduced. That said, let’s go.

How Power Supplies Work

The most essential function of a PC power supply is to convert AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current). Old power supplies converted alternating current into multiple DC voltages (+ 12V, + 5V, + 3.3V) simultaneously. In contrast, modern power supplies convert all AC power into + 12VDC, and once converted, other DC-DC converters convert the + 12V + + and + 3.3V, everything that our equipment needs. This last technique is more efficient because the voltages that are less used (the + 5V and + 3.3V) and are not converted if they are not needed, in fact converting from DC to DC is much more efficient than from AC to DC since it requires less electronic components that are smaller in size.

Power Supply

Once we have the voltage (remember that the voltage is the electric voltage, while the amperage is the intensity, not to confuse the terms) converted to direct current, it is filtered through inductors and capacitors. This is where two parameters come into play: voltage regulation, to ensure that it is stable, and electrical noise, because a higher noise results in more damage caused in the components as a result of heat. Let’s explain this.

Electrical noise and how it is filtered

PC power supplies use a switching technology to convert AC power to DC. Whether the rectifier is on or off, DC pulses are generated at a rate set by the AC input, which in the case of Spain is 50 Hz (this is important because this depends on the country, in Mexico it’s 60 Hz for example). This is called noise.

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How to Use Dropbox on your Chromebook

If you use programs such as Mac OS or Windows, you are probably used to storing your data and files on Dropbox rather than Google Drive.

You should be aware that Chromebooks mainly use Google Drive, but that it is still entirely possible to continue using Dropbox as well!

Advantages of Google Drive

Before speaking about Dropbox, it is worth mentioning some of the undeniable advantages of Google Drive, linked to Chromebooks.

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How to remove suggested web pages from your browser

Almost everyone has at some point visited a site with content that they’d prefer to keep private. However, modern web browsers have a feature that can give us away at any time. The moment we write the name of a site in the address bar of the browser, it immediately searches between the history of sites visited and shows us the addresses or URLs that match what we are writing.

This is known as automatic suggestions or suggested web pages of the browser, something that can be very useful when we want to recover a page that we have visited previously, but at other times it can lead us to a compromised situation if it shows as a suggestion a website that we do not want those around us to see as we type.


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How to Create Videos on a Chromebook– The Best App Recommendation

If you would like to create videos on your Chromebook, but don’t know how to go about it, this article might help you, by giving you at least eight different ways of doing so!


You can, of course, use YouTube to create videos, by using the tools which Google puts at your disposal. One of these tools also allows you to combine several video clips in order to make one longer one.

You can also gather together your own videos by using clips coming directly from the YouTube gallery.


Sharalike is a good option for creating an audio slideshow. In order to do so, all you need to do is to import some images from your Chrombook (or any other device for that matter), to introduce them into the sequence at the spots where you want them to appear and then to add a little bit of music.

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