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Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for your Chromebook

Have you just bought a Chromebook and are you looking to learn how to save yourself time by using keyboard shortcuts? Then this article was written for you!

Consulting the shortcut reference

Let’s first talk about the fastest way to access the keyboard shortcut reference on your Chromebook: to do so just press the key combination CTRL + ALT + ?

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6 ways to save money if you’re going to assemble a PC by parts

We have talked long and hard about the advantages of assembling a PC by pieces, and especially if you’re going to use it for gaming. In addition to saving money, you can choose the components that you want to mount in your computer, and also be sure that these are of good quality. The problem is, that if we want powerful components, the budget can stretch a little. Especially if our goal is to get a gaming computer for 500 dollars. So, we are going to give 6 tips for saving money when building a PC without losing benefits.

Make a spreadsheet in Excel

If you have opted for a particlar processor, analyze performance comparisons on it to see if it is the right processor for your needs, or if it’s better to opt for a cheaper processor and invest that money in a better graphics card.


You can also see what computers people have made with the components you have chosen in PCPartPicker, and so 100% ensure that, for example, the graphic cards fits in the case. Even if you want to choose the parts to mount the PC, the web will warn you if there is any incompatibility between them, such as choosing a motherboard for a different socket to the processer you want or a heatsink for the wrong CPU. There are also computers recommended for various prices so you can have them as a reference.

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