How to create or delete an administrator user account in Windows 10

As we know, the Microsoft operating system allows for the possibility of having two profiles or user accounts, the standard account and the administrator account. If we have administrator user permissions, we will be able to do and undo practically whatever we want in the system, while the standard user accounts have certain restrictions in installing and uninstalling software or changing some system settings.

We can create new user accounts in Windows 10 on the new configuration page as well as on the classic Control Panel, but the fact is that by default these accounts are created as a standard user. So, let’s show below how to create a new user manager account in Windows 10 as well as how to delete it if necessary.

Creating a new administrator user account in Windows 10

To create another user account in our system, the first thing we have to do is go to the Windows 10 configuration page from the Start menu and then select the gear icon that appears on the left side. Once there, click on the Accounts option and then select the menu option on the left, Family and other people.

Windows 10 account

Windows 10 account

Just choose this option, then in the right side of the window we will see the option to add a family member, whether adult or minor and to create an account for other people. Anyway, click on the Add Family button or Add Another Person and fill in the data requested by the process.

The first thing that it will ask us for is the email address, here we have to indicate a Microsoft account, if not, we have to click on the option The person I want to add doesn’t have an Email Address and we can now input the email address of any other service, password and click on Next to finalize the process.

Windows 10 account

We will automatically see how the new account appears to us in Other People or Your family, depending on where we created it. As we have noticed, so far we haven’t been able to select if we want the account to be standard or administrator, therefore, we will now proceed to change its type to establish it with administrator permissions.

Windows 10 account

To do this, we select the account we just created which will show us a button that allows us to change the type of account. We click on it and on the following screen we can now choose between standard account and administrator account. Change to administrator and click on the button Accept to save the changes.

Windows 10 account

Delete a user account in Windows 10

To delete a user’s account, from the Configuration Page> Accounts> Family And Other People, we must select the account that we want to delete and next to the Change Account Type button, we will see another button with the option Remove.

Simply by clicking on it and confirming in the window shown below that we want to delete that account and all its data, we will have removed that user account from the system.

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