How to Create Videos on a Chromebook– The Best App Recommendation

If you would like to create videos on your Chromebook, but don’t know how to go about it, this article might help you, by giving you at least eight different ways of doing so!


You can, of course, use YouTube to create videos, by using the tools which Google puts at your disposal. One of these tools also allows you to combine several video clips in order to make one longer one.

You can also gather together your own videos by using clips coming directly from the YouTube gallery.


Sharalike is a good option for creating an audio slideshow. In order to do so, all you need to do is to import some images from your Chrombook (or any other device for that matter), to introduce them into the sequence at the spots where you want them to appear and then to add a little bit of music.

Sharalike offers you a selection of music to use, otherwise you can upload your own audio files.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free suite of tools for creating images, videos or simple websites.

This application allows you to upload JPEG images, gives you access to the image search tool called “Creative Commons” as well as allowing you to upload videos in MP4 file format.


Magisto is a video creation tool which allows you to easily transfer you videos and images from you desktop or Google Drive account to your Magisto account. After uploading the media you want to mix, you can select a theme and music for your video.

Magisto will select the best video and image sequences to remix and combine. It will immediately create your video once you have finished uploading your files and selected a theme and music. The completed video will then be sent to you by email.

Magisto also offers an application for Chrome, Android and iPad.


PowToon is a popular online tool for creating animated videos. It provides a “drag-and-drop” editor to help you create your videos, as well as drawings of people and objects which you can place onto empty canvases.

You can publish your video once you have added your comments.

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot allows users to edit and record screen captures as well as to record videos from their Chromebook screen.

Nimbus Screenshot is easy to install and offers several advantages, such as a customizable video counter and different ways of saving and sharing your videos.


WeVideo offers several helpful features for recording your videos. First of all, it is an online creation tool, which offers examples for new users to follow in order to create their first videos.

For those people who already have experience making videos, they can immediately use the full editor to apply themes to their videos by selecting them from the editor’s menus. In the video editor, you can also upload your own video clips.

The WeVideo application allows you to save your videos or your video projects on your Google Drive account. Moreover, WeVideo offers an application for Android and iPhone, which allows you to capture images and to record videos.


CaptureCast is a free application produced by Cattura Video. This application was specially created for teachers, in order to allow them to record videos to be shown in their classrooms. It allows users to record directly from their Chromebook’s screen of from its webcam.

To record a video from your Chromebook’s webcam, all you will need to do is to open the CaptureCast application in your web browser and to give it access to your webcam and microphone. You can choose the desired audio quality and specify the video resolution that you would like to record in. If you have an external microphone, you have the option of connecting it to your Chromebook, but make sure that it is active before starting to record your video.

Once you have finished recording your video with the CaptureCast application, you can save you video to your Chromebook or upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or Google Drive.

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