How to remove suggested web pages from your browser

Almost everyone has at some point visited a site with content that they’d prefer to keep private. However, modern web browsers have a feature that can give us away at any time. The moment we write the name of a site in the address bar of the browser, it immediately searches between the history of sites visited and shows us the addresses or URLs that match what we are writing.

This is known as automatic suggestions or suggested web pages of the browser, something that can be very useful when we want to recover a page that we have visited previously, but at other times it can lead us to a compromised situation if it shows as a suggestion a website that we do not want those around us to see as we type.


How to delete suggested web pages in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

If you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, then it is in your interest that you know how to quickly remove these links suggested automatically by your browser. However, if you use Microsoft Edge, you should know that you can not delete these suggested URLs, another hole that still has not been covered by the software giant and adds to many others causing the browser that accompanies the latest version of Windows to not have the acceptance expected from the company.

On the other hand, whether we use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the moment we start typing in the address bar the browser shows the list of URLs, web pages or suggested links, we simply have to point to the link that we want to delete and press the Shift + Delete key combination. This will cause the selected website to be automatically deleted from the list of web pages suggested by the browser. On Mozilla Firefox you can just press the Delete key.

However in case you use the Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer, things change a little bit since when we start typing in the address bar and the suggested sites of the history appear, you have to point the link that you want to eliminate and instead of pressing the same key combination, you will see the typical Windows red cross icon on the right side, clicking on it will delete the site automatically.

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