The Yoga Book is one of the most eye-catching devices of 2016. A tablet, with Windows or Android, with a digitizer keyboard and convertible format with 360 degree swivel screen. A striking machine that costs at least 500 Euros that now welcomes a cheaper alternative with a larger screen, but with some cutbacks in its Premium quality.

The new Yoga A12, is practically identical to the Book, but loses out on the type of hinge on the swivel screen to a more basic system and also on the digitizer in the keyboard area. In return we get a much more aggressive price and a larger screen.
Its name coincides with the size of its screen, 12” and the rest of the specifications include an Atom X5-8550 processor, 4GB of RAM, Wifi-N, USB 2.0. USB Type-C and Bluetooth 4.1. The keypad has the same illuminated key definition system and allows data entry via a digitizing pointer.

It has already begun to appear in some US stores with prices below 300 dollars. The launch date for Europe is as yet unknown, in addition it is hoped that this variant, along with the traditional design, will find an alternative operating system in Chrome OS.

Lenovo launches the Yoga A12, a bigger and more economical Yoga Book