How to open Chrome or Firefox tabs in pop-up windows?

Web browsers are the most used tools today for the desktop, since they are essential to surf the Internet, which is what we do for most of the hours that we are sitting in front of the computer. It’s common that after a while surfing the Internet we end up with a lot of tabs open in the browser. The truth is that we can also open new windows with each site but if it’s already difficult to move through all the tabs of the same window, things become even more complicated when we also have several windows open browser.

This process is very uncomfortable and very slow, so let’s show below how we can open tabs in a popup window and then re-add them as a tab in the browser very quickly and easily in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

How to open browser tabs in pop-up windows?

Google Chrome

To add this useful feature to the Google browser, let’s get an extension that can be found in the Chrome Web Store called Tab to Window/Popup. As its name suggests, what this extension allows us to do is to open any tab that we have open in Chrome in a popup window or save and then re-add it to the browser as a tab.

An ideal example is opening a tab where we are playing a YouTube video while we continue browsing the rest of tabs open in the browser. To open a tab in a popup or popup window you just have to use the Shift + Alt + C keyboard shortcut and to re-integrate it as a tab in the Shift + Alt + Z browser, although this can be changed in the extension’s settings.

Mozilla Firefox

And if we are the Mozilla web browser, we also have a plugin that allows us to do the same thing, open any tab in a popup or popup window and add it later as a tab to the browser. This time, the plugin is called Popup Tab and instead of using keyboard shortcuts to open tabs in popup windows, we can do it with just right click on the page itself and select the Popup This Tab option from the contextual menu that is displayed.

To re-open the site in a popup like tab inside the Firefox window, we have to do the same thing again, right button of the mouse on the site and this time, select the option Merge Popup.

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